Money Guidance


The Housing Coaches at VHB work with you to set goals for saving, and help you achieve those goals!  They will assist in determining your qualification for matching fund programs, such as the Individual Development Account (IDA), the Individual Development and Empowerment Account (IDEA), or the Working Initiative Subsidy for Homeownership (WISH).

Debt Counseling

Through our debt counseling, together we review your budget to assess what income would be available to structure a self-administered debt reduction and payment program.  If a consolidated payment plan is desired, we help research consolidation companies and communicate the types of fees you should expect.

Credit Education and Credit Repair

The credit component of our classes covers establishing, repairing, and maintain healthy credit, as well as outlines what a potential lender might look for when underwriting a mortgage.  It is important to understand credit from your perspective and also realize the lender’s position.  This knowledge will reinforce the importance of maintaining good credit through budgeting and living within your means.  You will learn how to dispute information that is not correct in your credit report, how to prepare a letter of dispute, how to set up debt payments, maintain a low debt to credit limit ratio, and other good financial practices for improving credit.

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